“The Cream of the Crop!”

Each year I write a Welcome letter.  This year the theme is: “The Cream of the Crop!”

What a swift, difficult year it has been!  But the greatest thing for me is the quality of the students the Lord has given us!  Several of them will speak at this graduation, as well as several of our Facilitators.  Much is in the works, plus the new projects we are launching which you will see in this program.
We want to thank each of you for coming to honor our graduates. What our graduates have done, in this busy time in which we live, is quite an accomplishment. Never have we seen so many challenges upon us, but they have paid the price, bringing them to this point of public recognition for what they have accomplished. Again, thank you for coming and thank you students for paying the price!

This, in fact, also fits the goal of our school, to build people, who will in turn build other big people! We are not trying to build the largest school, seminary, university or college, but build the servants of the Lord, who will in turn build other big servants!

Let me urge each of you to JOIN OUR MINISTRY TEAM, by becoming monthly contributors using the enclosed card. We could easily have 100 students in our area, IF we had the funds. Many of the five-fold ministers who are called do not have the funds, ambition or desire to pursue after what they think to be worldly gain. However, God has called ALL to participate; some He has gifted and others want and need to be gifted to get wealth (Deut. 8:18 & Luke 6:38), so they too can participate with those who need training to establish and extend His Kingdom on earth as it is in heaven. Nevertheless, the key is for everyone to understand and do their part by planting seed that brings forth eternal blessings as well as financial blessing now!


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